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Membership Guidelines

The following guidelines of membership apply to all individual Members of the Network:
  • All Member tee-time requests shall be made to the Private Club Network’s member service center toll free at 800.547.0838 or through its on-line tee-time request tool available at
  • Member tee-time requests for play at participating Private Club Network clubs shall be made up in advance, and are based on space availability as determined by the host club.
  • Members of Private Club Network may not contact the host club directly to request tee-times. Doing so is grounds for termination of membership privileges.
  • All Members will be charged the standardized fee of the host club, and any other normal customary charges paid by the members of the host club. Individual members shall be aware that the facilities and services of other Member Clubs may be different than those at the individual’s home club.
  • Individual members using the provisions of the Private Club Network may be required to present their driver’s license and club membership card for identification purposes upon checking in at the golf shop of the host club.
  • Reciprocal credit privileges may be granted at the discretion of the host club.
  • Each host club, at its discretion, will determine whether guests may accompany Private Club Network members and the associated guest fees.
  • No individual may play the golf course of another Member Club, which is within a (100) mile radius of the individual’s home club. An individual will only be permitted to use the terms of this agreement a maximum of three (3) times per calendar year at any given Member Club. Individuals must observe all guest policies when they visit other Member Clubs.
  • The golf staff of the host club shall have complete control of assigning tee times based upon request of Private Club Network customer service center.
  • The continued, or consistent, breach of these rules by any Member Club shall be grounds for the termination of that Club’s membership in the Network. Such a decision shall be within the sound, and sole, discretion of Private Club Network, LLC.